OUR 100th POST

Okay firstly thank you for landing up here. I just don’t know where to start but eventually I’ve so join me for a while. It’s long but I assure you it’s interesting.

So the journey to my 100th post wasn’t really easy. And by the way, as you may have already gone through the ‘About us’ page, you might have seen that a single person runs this blog and that’s obviously me. The time I went through to reach here was absolutely awesome. I just remember every bit of it.

No, I really haven’t achieved anything so far. There’s nothing great to boast about my blog for now but it’s just the love that you people have shown towards me to reach here. Seriously, it’s only you people who have made me come this far. Even though I haven’t really been a master so far at knowing things but I do know that many people have boosted my morale and that has made us together at this 100th post.

So, is it the time to celebrate? Yes it is! And as an opportunity, I’ll be providing something good for the interested persons but when it comes to thanking people, I do have a list. Firstly, my friend from Bloggingbro, Abhishek Dharmik who was seriously everytime at my disposal and used to help everytime I wanted. Now the rest of the list features of other people whom I’d like to include in my beautiful journey:


Mahesh Charjan

Arzoo Jeswal

Talal Mehar

Aditya Verma

Ram Verma (From androguider.com)

Malik Sharjeel Tahir

Shelby Davis

and many other people.

You know what makes me happy? Not only that you people read my blog but also share the things I provide. If you benefit from my blog, that’s the main thing I love. And recently I was shifting my blog from over Blogger to WordPress and it is true that at a time, I really lost my blog with over 97 posts and a lot of hardwork. But even if I had lost it, I wouldn’t have worried because I know that the love and support you people give everyday, we’d have been standing at the same place with another blog in around 10 days.

I sincerely thank all my readers and everybody ho take time from their busy lives and read my posts.

I request everybody to just keep sharing and showing the same love as you’re giving right now because you’re the people who mean everything to me! Keep liking, keep sharing!

And as a celebration, we’ve added the ‘Become an Author’ option in our website which means you can work with us. So heads up and you’ll find that option at the end of this page.