Hey there! Glad to know that you made it here and gracious for visiting “About us”.

The website TalkMeTech was created on July 20, 2016 by Taha Maknoo. The main purpose of this website, as mentioned in the description , is to provide you with every update regarding the new technologies launched in the markets, providing you with custom ROMs collected over the internet, introducing new games and applications regularly. We provide you with all information over the internet, from new devices launched to rumored specifications of the upcoming devices. 

What do we provide? 

As you can see from our posts, you many have got the idea that we deal with tech stuff. Providing you with new devices and information over them is all we ever wish for.

Why do we provide?

Actually, the thing is that a common man doesn’t know much about all the stuff that is released in the markets. He wishes for a device with good features, durability and most of all to believe that his device is up to date. As of such, you get tired of surfing the internet and looking for the right thing. We help you with that and make things easier and simpler by posting daily updates over our website.

Services we mostly offer:

  • Custom ROMs
  • New applications
  • Rooting
  • New devices’ reviews and features
  • Upcoming devices lists
  • Games
  • Software and much more

About the Author:

    I’m a normal person with a normal head. Don’t worry! I’ve a normal life too just like every teenager. I like blogging, writing posts, using my laptop for developing and providing purposes and I’m of course socially active.

My blogging didn’t start just immediately. I too started as a simple blogger with simple posts. I never knew I would get so dedicated towards my blog but as of now when I look at my website, I get overwhelmed with joy. All happened with the love you people provided and I hope you will continue to do so. 

To all who would like to know, I love blogging, driving, playing games, trying new gadgets and mostly sleeping (like everybody).

I always try to come up with best of my ideas to provide everybody with good information, synchronized. 

Lastly I would like to thank all my readers, subscribers and friends who have given so much love to keep me going. Talkmetech would never have been successful without you people. Thank you again.