Top 5 best Custom ROMs for the Redmi Note 4

The Redmi Note 4 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones of 2017 as it has been a massive hit so far with ads running all around and everyone buying it from the official store online. Now as far as the Redmi Note 4 is concerned, it is packed with some of the most exciting features which you will love to have in your device and the UI is quite impressive too. But being honest to you, if you have been a previous user of any of the Xiaomi phone, then you won’t like how things are in the Redmi Note 4. That is why we have the top 5 best custom roms for the Redmi Note 4.

The reason most of us choose a new custom ROM is that the old one seems quite worn out and boring and if you face the same issues with your Redmi Note 4, then it is high time that you start choosing the custom rom for redmi note 4 snapdragon.

So, here we are providing you with the best custom roms for redmi note 4. Be sure to check out this list and read till the end:

1. LineageOS

best custom roms for redmi note 4

Trust me, when it comes to finding the best custom ROMs across the internet for any of the Android devices that you use, there is no better ROM than LineageOS. Formerly the same type of ROM used to run for the devices known as the CyanogenMod, and now, the LIneageOS 14.1 for redmi note 4 has been one of the best custom ROMs so far. This ROM is based and looks exactly as that of the CyanogenMod and even has the same features as that ROM. But the newest thing is that this ROM is based on the latest Android Nougat and has all the features which you would love to have in your device.


2. Resurrection Remix

best custom roms for redmi note 4

If you would ask me again, I would still say that LineageOS is far better than any of the ROMs in this list. But when it comes to stability of ROM along with all the features, then I would truly vote for the resurrection remix for redmi note 4. This rom is not only well-crafted, but the stability which this ROM provides is actually better than any other ROM and that too for the Redmi Note 4. The looks of this ROM will make you fall for it and if there is any customization which you want to do to your ROM in the device which you are using, then the Resurrection Remix will let you do that for sure. That is the main reason it is considered as one of the best custom roms for redmi note 4.


3. Dirty Unicorns

best custom roms for redmi note 4

Most of the people really love this ROM as it is an all-rounder ROM and is available for almost all the devices. If you want to keep things just simple in your device with normal tweaks and some basic functions of a custom ROM, then the Dirty Unicorns is also considered as the best custom rom for redmi note 4. This ROM is easily customization and can be truly reliable in daily use of your redmi note 4 device. However, make sure that you have the full flashing info before running this ROM.


4. Paranoid Android

best custom roms for redmi note 4

Talking about the Paranoid Android, it is one such ROM which gives a real tough competition to the CyanogenMod and now the LineageOS rom for redmi note 4. This ROM has a really beautiful interface. I remember I used it on my Redmi 3S Prime device and if you know how Sony UI looks like, then you would find this ROM just a bit similar to that very ROM. But the thing which separates it from the other ROMs is that it is packed with features and you will love how everything and every feature in this ROM has been presented before you so that you can easily find your preferred option in this rom.



best custom roms for redmi note 4Now finally coming to our last competitor of ROMs in the list of┬ábest custom roms for redmi note 4, we have the AOSP ROM for redmi note 4 which most of the people use on their devices and if you are one such person who loves manual customization in their devices, then the AOSP ROM would be the best option for you to try. This ROM is mostly based on the basic features but you will love it in your devices. If you want all the features of a new ROM along with some extra tweaking, don’t hesitate in installing this ROM for free.



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