Why did ExtraTorrent permanently shut itself down?

It is official, ExtraTorrent has finally shut itself down along with all the mirrors which worked along with the site. Firstly, it came as a shock to millions of fans which loved to download Torrent websites as now, out of nowhere and without any hints, Extratorrent shuts itself down on 17 May, 2017.

extratorrent shut down permanently

Once you visit this website, you will be provided with the following notice:

extratorrent shut down permanently

The Message reads:

ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently.

“ExtraTorrent will all mirrors goes offline. We permanently erase all data. Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones. Thx to all ET supporters and torrent community. ET was a place to be… May 17, 2017”

Dreadful, isn’t it? Even though I had previously mentioned some of the best unblocked torrent sites 2017 previously, it looks like this site needs to be removed now finally. If you are thinking is extratorrent site down? Yes, it is and that too permanently.

Users who are looking for the pirate bay and some others options, please don’t keep your hopes high as the owners may be shutting down these sites too. Talking about ExtraTorrent site itself, it was the second most popular torrent site in the world with millions of users. There was really no hint given by the owners regarding the shutting down of this site.

Of course, the site faced many issues back in November 2015 and casually, this site was down, but nobody would have thought that this site would go down like this and that too suddenly.

The owner of ExtraTorrent was SaM who officially told TorrentFreak that the site is going down and that they have already done enough, yet it is time for them to let go of things and jointly leave the torrent community. And it is official that there is no return for ExtraTorrent. The site has gone down permanently.

Right from the restrictions imposed on all the torrent sites, it seems that SaM shut this site down just to prevent any future issues for himself and his community. This may be the end of torrenting for most of our users as ExtraTorrent was one of the best place to torrent and now, it seems that with the course of time, torrent sites may go down in a bad way. Hope there would be a good substitute for ExtraTorrent for us to download our favorite shows and movies along with everything we used to download.

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