Download the best Pokemon wallpaper collection for free

Since the Pokemon GO for Android has been out, people have started getting a lot of attention to the game lately and right from the beginning when Pokemon used to come on televisions, people were loving the show so much. And now, for the real fans who would love some dedication towards the show and the game, we have the best pokemon wallpaper collection for them today.

pokemon wallpaper

I personally felt that all you would need is something to show your fandom towards Pokemon GO and honestly, there are no better things to prove it than pokemon backgrounds. The reason I personally have compiled this awesome list of hd pokemon wallpapers is that I myself felt like if you need some great wallpapers for your phone, why not to just try these pokemon wallpapers. These are the best ones which I chose for you.

Hd Pokemon wallpapers

These pokemon wallpapers which you will be finding below are even better for your computers too and you can apply them pokemon desktop backgrounds. All you have to do is to just save these picture from any of the browsers that you use, be it Chrome, Safari, Opera browser, Internet Explorer or whatever you want, you can just right click on them and save them right away in your computer systems.

But, talking about your mobile devices, all you need to do is to click and hold the picture and you will be asked for further action where you just have to download the image right away in your devices and it will be saved automatically after downloading.

Best Pokemon Wallpapers for mobile or desktop

Right from pokemon animations to pokemon hd wallpapers, you will find in this list but just make sure that you share it with your friends too and flaunt your devices with having these wallpapers on them.

  1. Mega Scizor

pokemon wallpaper

Personally I love this one. It suits my desktop as well as my Android phone’s lock screen. If you too love Mega Scizor and that too with the touch of some red color which is surfaced awesomely and brilliantly, then here is your pokemon wallpaper.

2. Mega Metagross

pokemon wallpaper

This here is something that you will absolutely love. This pokemon wallpaper is ideal for all your mobile devices as well as suits fit for your computer systems too as well as your laptops.

3. Pokemon Team

pokemon wallpaper

This is the whole Pokemon team which you love which includes your favorite Pokemon Pikachu and your favorite character Ash. Use this awesome wallpaper for free on your desktops or even your mobiles devices.

4. The Amazing Pokeball

pokemon wallpaper

This amazing Pokeball is the best. Even though the original Pokeball is red and white in color, but this one is mystic. The reason I chose this one for featuring is that it is the best and is certainly outstanding and different from others.

5. The new Pokeball

pokemon wallpaper

This amazing Pokeball has another character in it and is really awesome and vivid. Go on and save it on your desktops and mobile devices.

6. pokemon wallpaper pikachu

pokemon wallpaper

I know that you love Pikachu as it is the best Pokemon and people are crazy about it. So, this hd pikachu is the best for a Pokemon wallpaper lover and you will love it on your devices, be it your Android devices, your iPhones or even your desktops. Just go on and save it right away.

7. Pikachu wallpaper

pokemon wallpaper

This is one such wallpaper which I love for sure and trust me, if I would have been at your place, I would have made this my wallpaper or my desktop background. This is one great pokemon wallpaper and you should just save it.

8. Aww! Pikachu wallpaper

pokemon wallpaper

I know this wallpaper will make you just go ‘aww’ as it is one sad one of pikachu. Still, for all those desperate fans, just cling on this this as I like his cheeks too.

9. Pokemon full characters

pokemon wallpaper

Every character at once. Pokemon is all about Pokemons and all the new characters which you love. If you are a true pokemon fan, then I am sure that you will be knowing all these characters.

10. Ash

pokemon wallpaper

Ash is the main character, the hero of the whole Pokemon series and it would be fairly injustice if I just don’t provide you with one of his standalone pics as there are many people who love ash. So, this one is for you.

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