Google Announces the new Android O, the Developer Preview 1 available for Supported Devices

Well you people might just be wondering and waiting for your devices to be updated to the new Android Nougat and just if you are waiting there, Google Announces the new Android O, something which comes after the Android Nougat and something which you really didn’t know about yet.

The new Android O which Google has announced is the next OS for your Android devices and it is yet to unveil its full name. However, let us go to whatever we know so far. And just if you don’t know, Google has given the developer preview of its Android O as Google Announces the new Android O and has provided the new features which you for sure should know. (Check out on the link provided).

Google Announces the new Android O

So let us tell you what we know so far:

Background Limits

If you are just concerned of the battery in the newest Android O, let us tell you that the new Android O is far better than any other version of Android that you have ever tried as it automatically monitors the battery of your device, thus putting automatic limits on what could the apps do in the background and moreover, the rogue apps in your phone will start less often in your devices and you can just conserve a good amount of battery in your devices.

Notification Channels

It may sound new to you, right? Yes, same goes for everybody. Well Android O has also introduces the new notification channels which are the new app defined categories for notification content and the channels let the developers get fine control over the different kind of notifications and you can change the behavior of each channel individually or even block them, individually.

Google Announces the new Android O

Google Announces the new Android O

Autofill APIs

Google Announces the new Android O which officially recognizes the role of password managers by including an Autofill API which will make it possible for the users to select an autofill app the same way they select any default app, say a keyboard.

PIP for handsets and new windowing feature

PIP display is available for the Android O on the phones and tablets and this means that users can continue watching a video or so while answering a chat or whatever they are doing. Other new windowing features include a new app overlay window for apps to make use of instead of system alert window. More features added too.

Font Resources in XML

Fonts are now a fully supported resources as Google Announces the new Android O and apps can now use font in XML layouts as well as define font families in XML.

Adaptive icons

Now comes the favorite part, the icons, right? Well the Android O has taken full care of the type of icons which you may be searching for and now you can create adaptive icons which the system will be displaying in different shapes, based on the mask which is selected by the device and moreover, the system animates interactions with the icons and obviously uses them in the launcher, settings, shortcuts, sharing dialogues, and in the overview screen.

 Google Announces the new Android O

Keyboard Navigation

Android O has worked hard towards building a better and predictable model for the “arrow” and “tab” navigation and you can check the documentation from here.

There are many other small features which you can check from the Google blog.

Developer Previews

Now if you too are heading towards the Android O and want to just try the developer preview of the Android O, you can try it out with the system images provided by Google for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C devices.

Google has mentioned that the Android O is just for developers only and you can stick with it for a while, and these builds are available for manual downloading and flashing only, so you will have to wait. How long? Well here is your timeline:

Google Announces the new Android O

So if you really are sure and want the downloading links and flashing instructions for the Android O, head over here.

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