Will Nokia and Blackberry rise up in 2017?

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The year 2017 is expected to be quiet credible for many other devices and telecom companies, precisely the Nokia company. On the other hand Samsung is struggling to overcome the losses made by Note 7 and expecting a bounce back via the Galaxy S8 and LG is emerging from the G5.

Nokia 6

Nokia 6

And now the same goes for Nokia and Blackberry. You may have read in the previous blog post regarding the Nokia 6 went how it was sold out completely in his first flash sale in just a few minutes. That impression made hear that Nokia is going to be much more progressive in this year 2017. Event on Nokia wasn’t able to make any progress so far but now it seems that The telecom company is doing pretty well with the Impressions of how the Nokia 6 and other devices are supposed to be made of.

On the other hand Blackberry seems to be doing well too just with introduction of the first device its building and the first impressions we have got. BlackBerry had decided to outsource all of its manufacturing efforts, and we are waiting to see its first device how good the things turn out for Blackberry.


So the big question here is will Nokia and Blackberry be able to survive in this year 2017? Looking at the response from the people and how Nokia 6 performed so far, it seems pretty obvious that Nokia is going to make enterprise make a lot of progression in this year. And for Blackberry, we don’t have any solid reason to support its decision sofa but we hope that the decision that took to outsource all of its manufacturing efforts are going to end well by this year.

So what do you think about this? If you have any particular reason to be supportive in any of the devices mention above, do drop in a comment and let us know your opinions.

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