How to Update LeEco Le Pro3 to eUI 5.8.021s (Download eUI 5.8.021s OTA)

If you are a LeEco Le Pro3 user, we believe you are very satisfied with the service and the device itself. And more of a good news to you, the LeEco Le Pro3 is receiving the official updates as the updates are releasing Over the Air (OTA). So let’s go for the Update LeEco Le Pro3.

Talking about the availability of the update, it is getting available slowly to every user region wise. We really can’t confirm when will you get the update but is better to check out the update first and for that, you may go to the device’s Settings > About Device > Check for updates and check if you have received any update notification that you may have missed previously and just Update LeEco Le Pro3.

This update really comes with a lot of great features and more than enough improvements and if you want to experience all these features, you have to Update LeEco Le Pro3.

Now if you really can’t wait, just follow our step by step guide of how to Update LeEco Le Pro3 to eUI 5.8.021s. Just make sure that you follow all the below steps carefully and read every thing we have said about the update.

Update LeEco Le Pro3


Now firstly, let’s make sure that we are no way responsible for any of the issues caused to your devices. Make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully. We are not to be held responsible if your device goes through any damage via the update.


  • Your device must have a stock recovery or stock firmware before beginning this process.
  • Make sure your device is backed up before beginning this process.
  • Please charge your phone before you begin (at least 60%)

How to Update LeEco Le Pro3 to eUI 5.8.021s:

  1. Firstly, download the update file provided below this guide.
  2. Make sure you download and paste the file in your phones internal storage and rename the file as ‘’
  3. Now go your phone’s Settings > System Update > Menu Button
  4. Choose the local update option from the destination you had downloaded it in step 2.
  5. Wait until the process finishes. Your device may get rebooted in this process.
  6. You’re done with the process. Enjoy!


You can download the update file from here


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