Nokia P1: Release date, price, specifications, features and everything you need to know

At both the ends, we know Nokia is expected to provide some quality stuff this year which it had already been missing since the company sold its smartphone division to Microsoft. How just with the release of Nokia 6, things began to change drastically for the company and now, it’s time to introduce the Nokia P1.

However let’s first make sure that you know that Nokia itself isn’t manufacturing devices, the third party manufacturer HMD Global is. And just with that, the company introduced the Nokia P1 or what we call as Nokia 8. We believe Nokia P1 is going to do the same amount of better for the company as iPhone 7 did for Apple and Samsung S8 is expected to do for Samsung.

So without making you wait anymore, let’s tell you what we have regarding the Nokia P1 so far.

Nokia P1

Talking about the first thing, the design there is absolutely no need of exaggerating the defining prices as you can clearly see the picture above says all. As we are expecting the latest version of Android in the Nokia P1, at the same time we don’t think the design of the Nokia P1 would disappoint us.

The Android-fueled Nokia P1 is supposed to sport an all metal body which is curved at the corners, so brilliantly that it looks perfect as well as stunning at the same time. It is similar to many of the leading Android smartphones these days.

Nokia P1

Talking about the second phase of the device, the hardware, we like what we have heard so far regarding the device. And as per Nokia, the Nokia P1 is supposed to be the company’s most powerful device till date. It has been heard that the device is powered by the latest, Snapdragon 835 processor, which is actually set to run the Samsung Galaxy S8.
And talking about the RAM, the gamers will find themselves in comfort as the Nokia P1 is coming with a 6GB of RAM along with 128 or 256GB of internal storage. Now that, is really more than enough for a normal user, even a pro gamer too.

Now shifting to the battery of this device, we have been hearing that the device is packed with a 3500 mAh battery, enough for you to last a day or even more at fair use even.

Nokia P1

Just when you start worrying regarding the camera of this device, let’s assure you that you are on the bright side if you’re looking to go with the Nokia P1 just because the device is packed with a new 22.6 megapixel rear camera and will feature a Carl Zeiss made lens for the extra clarity that you need in the pictures you click.

We’re sure you’d like to know about the availability of the device and for that, let’s tell you that despite being lined up for an unveiling later this month, the Nokia P1 release date won’t see the phone hit the markets until later in this year. Even though an exact date has yet to be confirmed, we’d expect a late March, early April release to be on the cards. But if we are lucky, the device might be rolled out sooner than the expected date.

By seeing all the features, we would like to tell- DO NOT EXPECT THE NOKIA P1 TO COME IN CHEAP. Yes, it’s true. However, for an estimate, we expect the device to be priced somewhere between £500 to £600. Hope it won’t cross this mark!

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