How to Enable Fingerprint Unlocking after a reboot on the Moto Z Play

Since you own the Moto Z Play, you might totally be acquainted with the fingerprint scanner and might totally be knowing that when you reboot your device, the device won’t unlock until you give the main pin to the device.

Now to avoid this and let you enable fingerprint unlocking after a reboot, we have a way of doing this process with the help of a MOD which is way easier than you even think of. We thank XDA over this guide.


Begin with this process at your own risk. We are not to be held responsible with any error or damage caused to your device during the process.

How to Enable Fingerprint Unlocking after a reboot:

1. Decompile SystemUI

2. Go to:


3. Search for:

.method public isUnlockingWithFingerprintAllowed()Z
    .locals 2

    const/4 v0, 0x0

4. Change the 0×0 to 0×1

5. Now, just Recompile.


MD5 : b10ff6f5cdec52dc5a79fb5c05e2ee61


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