How to enable Double Tap to Wake on some Huawei and Honor Devices (Needs Root)

Out of the many features that your phones have, we know you fall in love with some of them and so is the case in case of Double Tap to Wake as it is one of the best features in the modern phones and is ideal just when you need to have a quick look at your phone and are feeling lazy to reach the power button.

Double Tap to Wake

And not only this but this feature is even ideal when you have a phone with a larger screen, as it makes it real easier to turn the screen on across any surface without actually reaching the buttons.

Even though many devices like LG have this feature, but many of the smartphone manufacturers don’t include this feature and you may find it hard in your daily life to get over this feature.

Now here we would link to show gratitude to an XDA member flar2 as he devised a custom kernel such as ElementralX, you can use double tap to wake on a pretty wide scale of devices over which this feature was previously unsupported.

And same is the case with CERTAIN Huawei and Honor as you can certainly enable the double tap to wake feature that is disabled by the manufacturers that have kernel support for the feature and you can do the same by just editing two files in your devices. And please make sure your device is rooted.

So starting with the procedure, the first file that you have to edit is the build.prop which is located in /system. You must open the file with a root explorer and change the following line from


However, if you can’t find this line in build.prop, add it manually to the file.

The next step involves modifying another file called hw_easywakeupmotion_config.xml which is located in /system/emui/base/xml. Again, open up this file with a root explorer application and changing the following line from

<EasyWakeupMotion name=”Double_Touch” support=”1″ value=”0″ flag=”0″ keycode=”131″ />
<EasyWakeupMotion name=”Double_Touch” support=”1″ value=”1″ flag=”0″ keycode=”131″ />

If you can’t find this line in the XML file, just manually add it. And just after you reboot, you will find the absolutely new “Double tap” feature located in Settings > Smart Assistance > Motion Control. All you have to do is to enable the feature and then reboot one more time and now you should have double tap to wake option in your phone.

Alternatively if the above method doesn’t suit you, just flash this zip file into recovery and you will be done.

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