Android 7.1.2 introduces fingerprint swipe gesture for Nexus 5X

So far we already believe that fingerprint support in any device is a very good feature as it helps you in many things just like sometimes you’ll be feeling lazy and so you can perform some quick actions if you want to without even doing much of an effort.

Android 7.1.2 fingerprint swipe gesture

Same was the case with the Pixel and Pixel XL because the devices were introduced with the fingerprint scanners support added to them. This feature was earlier added to Huawei devices and this feature is considered to be very useful for the users who don’t want to reach every corner of the phone and pull down the notification shades every now and then.

However you might be aware of the fact that when Android 7.1 was released, many users were anticipating that this feature would be present for their devices as well. But when the update rolled out, the community discovered this feature was not included and some users accused Google of intentionally disabling the feature to increase the value of the Pixel phones.

Some of the uses who got disappointed with the Android 7.1.1 as they didn’t add this feature, it’s time for them to cheer up for Android 7.1.2 is going to bring the fingerprint gesture to the Nexus 5X as we mentioned in the previous post. Not only that but it is also likely that we will see this feature in the Nexus 6P update as well, but there’s still time for Google to push the update out to the devices to confirm the whole process.

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