Google Pixel 2: Everthing you need to know

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So far we might have already discussed more than enough regarding the Google Pixel devices which include right from introducing the devices to unlocking the bootloaders. And now, just as a matter of certainty, the Google Pixel 2 rumours start emerging across the internet. So the question is, what possibly could the Google Pixel 2 bring?

Google Pixel 2

First of all, there has absolutely been no confirmation regarding the Google Pixel 2 and believe it or not, there is even no confirmation regarding what Google will name this device, so we will be calling it Google Pixel 2 for now.

Just before beginning everything and letting you for suppose the features of the Google Pixel 2, let us tell you that this device is expected to be cheaper than the first version of the device and not only that but it is supposed to be even better.

So let’s switch to the innovations that this device is going to bring. And rightfully, let’s begin from the camera itself.

So far, the Google Pixel has been one of the best Android smartphones and the camera has been brilliant too. And as per our sources, the Google Pixel 2’s camera is expected to perform much better in low light and moreover, Google is looking to perfect the low-light capabilities of the Pixel 2 but it will not have large megapixel size. But there is nothing to worry about yet since the new features are replacing this minute drawback.

So shifting to another thing, let’s discuss something regarding the processor of the Pixel 2.

Precisely, we only know one thing- Google will be using Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of whatever the latest and best version will be. We just can expect the best from this phone at the moment. However, reports suggest that Google is indeed testing the Pixel with the new 835 chipsets in the Pixel 2. But the story doesn’t end here, since Google is said to be testing out a few new processors for the Pixel 2, which like we said, from Qualcomm, Intel and possibly Taiwanese chipset manufacturer MediaTek.

So let’s come to the main thing, the cost of the phone, shall we?

The added features and improved hardware that we are seeing could run the price up at least another $50/£40/AU$66. However as a budget smartphone, the Pixel 2B could come in the first place for some customers.

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