Google’s Top Searches of 2016

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The current year 2016 is nearing towards its end and so are the trends with it. And roughly, why not to have an index of what were the Google’s Top Searches of 2016 and get an idea what people had been searching this year?
Well it’s true that many of the things that you expect to feature in this list are already here and you really deny them being here.
Google claims that it processes trillions of search requests per year, and on Wednesday the Mountain View, Calif-based company revealed which terms dominated its search engine in 2016.
We’re sure that the search terms won’t surprise you because you and me, we’ve all been expecting things like them to feature in Google’s list.
So let’s start.

10. Hillary Clinton

Obviously and undoubtedly, Hillary had to be in this list. The 2016 election was in itself a major internal event. Well we won’t be discussing about which things defeated her but surely, there had been a mess that’s still uncleaned.

9. Election

Don’t look surprised! If Hillary Clinton had to be there, then elections needed a place too. The 2016 election will go down as one of the most disputed elections in US history, resulting in election fraud in the days following Trump’s win and many other issues that made the world search for its primary cause.

8. Trump

Surely Donald Trump had to follow as he has spent the weeks following his election meeting with potential cabinet members and setting up plans to take office in a little more while than usual. You can’t deny that you expected him to feature Google’s most searched persons of 2016.

7. David Bowie

David Bowie
Who could forget David Bowie? David Bowie was a great musician died of cancer at age 69 in the month of January. The beloved British rocker was known for his flaunting personality, and left behind a new album, “Blackstar,” which was released only a few days after he breathed his last.

6. Olympics


Despite worries that Rio actually wasn’t ready to host the 2016 Olympics, the games went off mostly without a hitch (well, mostly). The US women’s gymnastics team dominated the competition, winning team gold and several individual gold medals between them and has been one of the most searched terms over Google.


Who wasn’t crazy about the snake games we used to play? A fresh take on the old cell phone game “Snake,” topped App Store charts this year. is considered as one the most addictive game of 2016. This app even defeated Snapchat, winning over fans by being easy to play and entertaining for its users.

4. Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go
You saw that coming, didn’t you? But Pokémon GO really has been one of the most searched terms in Google. Pokémon Go took over the world this summer, winning over fans of the original “Pokémon” and new players. The free app quickly became the most popular mobile game in history and soon became available to many platforms.

3. Hurricane Matthew

Actually being more precise, Hurricane Matthew hit the Caribbean and Southeast US in the month October. This hurricane devastated island nations like Haiti and knocking out power for more than 400,000 people on the East Coast. The storm caused beach erosion, flooding, and was responsible for at least four deaths in the US and hundreds in Haiti and is considered one of the most unlucky things of this year.

2. Prince

Prince died in April at the age of 57. While the cause of death wasn’t announced at the time of his death but it was later reported that Prince was suffering from an opiod addiction and was found with the prescription drug in his system, right at his home.

1. Powerball

We seriously didn’t expect Powerball to be on the top of our list but, here it is. But still you can’t deny the effect of Powerball on people. In January, the Powerball reached $1.5 billion, a record amount that was won by three people in California, Florida, and Tennessee. In May, the ninth-largest US lottery prize in history was awarded in New Jersey when the payout reached $429.6 million which made it to Google’s number one.


Please don’t go out of the way criticizing anybody among the features and do note that there’s no result here as per ‘personal records’. It’s an official list by Google and numbered as per the searches.

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