Team Win releases official TWRP app on Google Play Store

So far if you have been active over this website, let’s tell you that you have flashed few ROMs over your devices and maybe you mostly have used TWRP recovery. And as of that, Team Win releases its official TWRP app on Google Play Store.

The Team Win Recovery Project took over what ClockworkMod had started some time back. Talking about TWRP, it is powerful, versatile and supports almost every device that you use with an unlocked bootloader and many features like the custom themes, custom scripts and powerful partition management options which are all wrapped up in a simple UI designed for ease of use. And now, you can add an official app from the team to the board of everything they offer called the TWRP app.


The TWRP app has both, root as well as non-root functions, requiring the appropriate permissions. It’s required for installing and updating the firmware versions on your device. However if you have a non-rooted device, there’s still no problem with that, because the app includes update checking at various intervals or as per your choice, not at all.


Still, updating the recovery would require manually downloading the latest TWRP recovery image from their website onto your internal storage and flashing it over your device or within TWRP.

For the past many years of the existence of TWRP existence, such an option had not been made available. But now, the official TWRP application launches on the Google Play Store.

Talking about the app, this app is free to use without any ads and does not require Google Play Services installed necessarily over your devices. The main features of this app include the feature to find and download the latest TWRP image for your device and accordingly, flash the respective image to the recovery partition, and flash downloaded boot images to the boot partition also.

TWRP app 

You can just download this app right away from the Google Play Store for you Android devices. Follow this link to download TWRP app.

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