Google launches Trusted Contacts app

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We do everything to keep ourselves and our loved ones secure, don’t we? Just when anything happens around us that’s uncertain, we confirm the safety of the people we love which includes our families, friends as well our relatives. And as for the safety aspect too, Google has launched a great application called Trusted Contacts for the Android users.

The main aim of this app is to let users tell their trusted ones that they are safe in times of crisis. It sends your location to assigned users to let them know where you are in emergency situations like earthquake or any other uncertain natural disasters.

This app is kind of similar to other services like Google+ Location Sharing and Google Latitude. Google’s Trusted Contacts isn’t just tagged to a specific service though like Google+ Location Sharing and Google Latitude were.

Trusted Contacts

So now your question may be, what does this app even do?

Well, this safety app lets you add your closest family and friends as trusted contacts. You can then allow these contacts to request your location in case of emergency. By setting a contact to be trusted, you even though not allowing them to automatically see your location though or you seeing their location, but you are actually just allowing them the opportunity to see your location. So, after you have set someone as a trusted contact, they’ll be able to request your location from the new application.

Trusted Contacts

When the location is asked for by any of your trusted contacts which you’ve manually assigned, you receive the request as a phone call. You can either deny it if you are safe and don’t need help, or share your location with the contact. If you fail to respond within five minutes then the location is automatically sent to the trusted contact. You know what’s the best part about this app? Google has actually claimed that this works fine even if your smartphone is out of battery or sometimes if you are offline.

You can even alert your contacts as well by sharing your location via this app and once the contact receives the information that you share, they can track your smartphone and know the location where you are.

Overall, it’s a great app with a great concept and possible even more better than the other safety apps available. And Google even claimed that this app will soon be available for iOS too which means that they can use this app too over their devices.

Talking about the availability, this app is available to download for free over the Google Play Store. You can redirect to Play Store by clicking here.

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