Google launches ‘Actions on Google’ for Google Assistant

A major breakthrough from Google was the launch of the stunning all new Google Pixel and Pixel XL. And we had brought you every information about the Pixel series and how it was running and what all it carried.

And just with the Google’s very own smartphones were released other Google products and services, we’d say that the whole attention was towards the Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Google with its totally new Google Assistant on the way.
However many users would normally tend to pull themselves to the point where they find that the Assistant couldn’t hold onto the complex conversations and basically the thing that’s on the way is that they turn away from it which represents a failure in Google Assistant, one that severely limits its potential as an Assistant. Actually an Assistant of the kind that forces the user to manually query Google Search is generally a good Voice Search.
And today, to overcome this failure, Anyone on Google was introduced.

Google Assistant
So what is it basically?

‘Actions on Google’ could be termed as a third party developers to create conversational reply-based actions only and only on Google Assistant. This means that what previously was not possible for Google Search to answer can now be handled by a third-party Assistant plug-in.
This feature is still in developer preview so you can undoubtedly expect a few bugs that really won’t affect its performance much and not only this but it was released as per schedule given by Google.
You know what’s the good thing? Google has also worked with a few development partners to provide conversational development tools like API.AI and GupShup, tools like DashBot/VoiceLabs, and consulting companies like Notify.IO, Assist, Witling and Spoken Layer.

Google Actions
Talking about the platforms which it will run on, this plugin will be available on any platform that supports Google Assistant, obliviously like the Google Home, Google Allo and the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. However Allo and Pixel devices will be getting this feature a bit later. For now, it has been centralized on Google Home.

Final Words
As we already said that this plug-in is in developer mode yet but will be officially available soon and NOT ONLY for Google Home but the Google Allo and Google Pixel devices too. This plugin will make your interactions with Google Assistant more easier and comfortable which even claims that it can make payments for you via your device if you wish to but this feature is under testing and will be enabled in the future.

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