VLC Media Player gets 360-degree video support

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Everybody among us who is a PC, laptop or Mac user undoubtedly plays many videos and songs over his/her system and if you have not installed any extra media app, then everything you play, will be played via the default media player. Easy to understand, right?

But some users aren’t really impressed from the media players that are provided by default in their systems and they go for additional apps for playing their favorite media just because of the reason that they get more features and options in the other media players.

Now if you love playing your favorite music and watching your favorite movies and other videos with every function included, then you would definitely have heard about VLC media player. VLC is such a media player that’s available not only for Windows OS but also for Android. The best part about VLC is that it provides you with great functions and you can watch your movies in full screen and change the aspect ratio easily. Let’s not go detailed about the introduction and coming to the main topic, VLC is soon getting a 360-degree video support.


Actually by this feature, you will be able to play the 360 degree videos easily on your computers and that too in the VLC app itself.


  • Firstly as you know, this feature will allow the playback of 360-degree videos on your computers.
  • Not only the playback of 360-degree videos but photos and Panaromas have also been added.
  • The display modes will be coming with Zoom, little planet and Reverse little planet which you can control with your mouse as well as keyboard.
  • Open Source code.
  • Accelerated with OpenGL and Direct3D11.

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Talking about the availability, the preview of this app is now available for Windows and Mac and the full version will arrive with VLC 3.0, possibly at the end of November. This app will with the same features will be available on its mobile apps as well for the Android as well as the iOS and it will let users navigate the clips by moving their accelerometer-carrying devices around. The best part of this update is that it will support VR headsets too.

Let’s hope that this update will soon launch for other platforms too. However if you’re a Windows user, you can download it easily from the link given below.

Download VLC media player from HERE.

So that’s all, make sure you do try this update. It’s going to re-innovate VLC Media Player and you can enjoy this update for free.

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