Instagram Shopping and what’s it all about?

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Ever since internet has been introduced into our lives, the perspective of everything we look upon has changed. And so has shopping. We like to buy different things for ourselves, our friends and families and more than that, what could be better than getting a large amount of collection of the favorite things you’ve wanted and that too just ordering them by sitting at home. It’s cool and we really mean ‘cool’. You get the chance to look for your favorite things while you’re sitting at your dinner table. You get to compare prices whenever you look for something online and then buy one which is totally in your budget.

Things really have gone far better and so have our favorite apps. The shopping apps that we usually use are restricted only to a particular company. But not anymore. Actually Instagram is launching something that it has never done before. Instagram on Tuesday introduced a series of shopping tools that make it very easy for its beloved users to research products within the Instagram app and after that, make a purchase. This means that users can actually buy products from U.S based retailers from this app.

The retailers will be showing upto five products in an Instagram post and when the users will click on them, it will give them more details about the products.

Instagram has now also added a “Shop Now” button on these posts by the retailers which when clicked by the interested users, will redirect them to the retailer’s website where they can buy that specific product.

The main aim of this service is to keep all the users of Instagram intact so that they don’t have to actually leave the application and look up for their favorite products on different websites and moreover, Instagram is signing 20 U.S based retailers which include some great sellers of our time.

This new service from Instagram is likely going to be proved very smart because the users will be getting more opportunities to look up for their favorite things without actually leaving the Instagram app.

We truly hope that this service proves out to be beneficial for both, the company as well as the people who use Instagram. Because this app hasn’t let us down so far, we expect its services to be the best too.

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