How to send a GIF in WhatsApp

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In the previous updates of WhatsApp, we’ve seen that many new features were rolled out with the updates. Even sending documents in pdf or doc files has become possible now along with improvising the look and feel of the app. But is sending GIFs possible in WhatsApp? Well maybe not quite yet but with a little bit of efforts, it’s possible.
GIFs are actually the best forms of conveying your message to your friends or your near ones. It’s just a picture with some moving animations and no sound. Most people like GIFs over pictures and videos and it has become a good form of having some fun with your friends.
As we already know that applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and many more apps are available to try as beta versions on the Google play store where you can try the newly added features on the app and something of that case is out today too. 
Firstly, note that this feature is only for Android users (as of now) and more important than that is that you will be enlisting yourself as beta tester of the app which means that you will test out every new feature that’s released and even before the features are released for the original applications. 
So let’s begin:
1) Firstly, open the Google Play Store and search for ‘WhatsApp’ in the search box.
2) In the search results, click on WhatsApp and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘I am in’ for the beta program. Follow the screenshot below for getting an idea.
3) In a few moments, you will see the option of ‘Update’ in the same page.

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4) Download it and open it after downloading.
5) Now open anybody’s chat whom you want to send the GIF and tap on attach button and then select gallery.
6) Now select any of the video file that you want to send as a GIF to your contact.
7) Do your required adjustments to the video like cutting some portion or sending it as a whole.
8) Now press the button on the top right and as soon as you press it, your video will turn into a GIF.
9) Now send it anybody whom you want to.