How to get Pixel free fingerprint sensor on any phone with Fingerprint Quick Action

The Pixel devices from Google have been a massive hit so far with features that haven’t yet been introduced to any phone yet. The Pixel phones are better in every aspect. Even the fingerprint sensor in it has been loved by everybody because of the smart responses it gives whenever we swipe it in a particular direction. Suppose we swipe the fingerprint sensor down, it will pull down the notification panel in your Pixel devices. This is called Fingerprint Quick Action.

This particular feature even though isn’t available for many fingerprint sensor devices yet but now, with just an app, you can get to try it on your phone too. You can actually go and thank ztc1997 for developing this kind of application for your phones. With this app, you can let your fingerprint sensor do what you want by triggering a particular action on the fingerprint sensor. 

Fingerprint Quick actions need accessibility to detect an interface switching and perform some real quick actions which means that you need to turn on the application’s accessibility features so that it works properly.

Fingerprint Quick actions use DevicePolicyManager API to sleep your device by default but in many ROMs, it will lead to Smart lock and also fingerprint unlock to not work. And precisely, when other apps are using the fingerprint sensor, Fingerprint to unlock will temporarily be disabled and it will enable only when you switch to another interface. 

We’ll provide you the working APK link of this app and you can easily use to on your devices to enable the Fingerprint Quick Scanning.

You can download the Fingerprint Quick Action app from HERE.

Below, we’ve provided some screenshots of the app released from their original source to get you an idea of how the app is and how it works. 

We don’t guarantee its working and compatibility with you device but however, you can try and check if it works for you.

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