How to add any language on Android

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Our Android phones come with abilities that outsmart every other feature in other platforms. However, when it comes to interacting with you, it might be sightly up and down in it. Actually some people don’t understand the English language properly or some just have some problems while understanding it. And the Androids we buy, they come in English language by default. Moreover if you buy an Android phone from any other place like China and you don’t understand Chinese, how will you enable any other language in the device? For that, you don’t need to worry anymore. We’ve brought you a full guide today of how to add your favorite language in your Android phone. 

First of all, if your Android ROM doesn’t mention your language or doesn’t support it, you need not to worry. Google Play comes with a feature of Set Locale and language. This option will let you add more languages in your Android system that already present. Let’s tell you how to do this. 

How to install:

First of all, you need to download ‘Set Locale and Language’ and if you are a PC user, install this app directly from Google Play web interface and request this app.

However if you don’t know what to do on Android, follow these steps.

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Locate the search box and search for ‘Set Locale and Language’ or visit it from here.
  3. Download the app that displays in the very beginning of the search results.
  4. Tap on download option and wait till the app gets installed. 
  5. Now after the app is installed, go to Settings of your phone and choose the new installed languages in the option of ‘Language and Input’.
  6. A list of languages will appear on your device in that option. Choose your preferable language.

–> Now you can even change the language of the keyboard you’re using. Let’s tell you how to do it.

  1. Firstly, go to Settings of your phone and locate ‘Language and Input’ option and then tap on ‘Default’ under ‘Keyboard and Input’ methods section.
  2. Now, tap on ‘Set up Input Methods’ option given in the menu.
  3. Tap on ‘Settings’ icon next to the Google keyboard. 
  4. Tap on ‘Input Languages’. 
  5. Now you have to uncheck the box next to ‘Use System Language’ and choose your preferable language.
That’s it. You’ve successfully changed the language of your phone. Now use every function easily and stay comfortable with your phone. 

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