Google launches Photoscan app

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We all have past and we have memories associated with our pasts. It might be of anybody whom you love the most, your father, mother, grandpa, grandma and may be still there in you albums as pictures that you mostly don’t get time to look into. 
Well you might have been trying to digitise the pictures and store them in your phones but nah! not always. So for that, Google company has again brought you a great tool, the PhotoScan app that is the best tool for you if you want to digitise the old pictures at your home that are mostly getting eaten away by the dust and you don’t get time to open them and see them. 
This app may be a lot better for your pictures hanging from the walls and about what you don’t know what to do. Google’s Photoscan app lets you capture the picture of any old picture at your home and lets you digitise them and they get stored in your phones. This newly launched Google’s app is powered by Google Photos and it makes sure that the pictures that are stored are glare free and totally clear and above all, the pictures will not have crooked edges. Isn’t that great? 
Let us tell you how Google Photoscan works:
Firstly as said, this digitising tool can detect the edges in your clicked pictures, straighten the orientation or rotate the picture that allows the scanning to properly take place. You can take the picture of your printed photograph once your camera is on. This app will ask you to move the cursor to four corners of the picture which are marked in four circles around the picture. And this ensures that the photo you take, is clicked straight. And talking about the place where your edited pictures will get stored, we’ve a simple official answer-Google Photos.
Google has launched the app for both Android and iOS users. Users can then open the saved photo in Google Photos to auto enhance, apply styles or edit light and colour in the pictures.
You can download Photoscan from HERE.

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