Google launches daydream app

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It has not long since we presented to you the Daydream Keyboard released by Google. Google even though had been promising a lot more stuff for VR headsets but still there had not been much introduction of the applications that supported the VR except for the keyboard of course that we have given at the starting of this post. 
No wonder Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming more and more famous and interesting and every user is curious to see the functioning of these devices. These few years undoubtedly have been good for many of the VR headsets released and many good reviews actually about them. On the other hand, AR has also been getting quite a success by indulging itself in the games like Pokémon GO. 
And as for Google, they said that they will launch their own VR headset but didn’t release it back then. However, few of the apps for VR are now definitely released. And now today, Google released its own daydream app that’s available for free to download on the Play Store. And what’s better? Google’s VR headsets are already on the way for some of the Pixel owners who are waiting for the shipment to take place for their Pixel devices. 

You might be curious about the Daydream app from Google and yes, you should be. Let’s tell you what you will be getting in the Daydream app that’s launched by Google. 

Firstly, you can start it up and get the Daydream view to your smartphones. The app will be actually featuring kind of a homescreen on your VRs with your compatible devices. You will be able to access a virtual app and access all the content from this app. 

And for the applications it will be running, let’s tell you that Netflix, HBO and Hulu will be coming to the Daydream too where it will throw the users into a virtual living room they can enjoy their favorite movies and television shows.
Will Daydream app work for my phone?
A good question though. However, you need to know that this application is limited to Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices only (as of now) so we’re sorry to disappoint you there a bit. But cheer up because the app may soon be available for other platforms too.
You can download the Daydream app launched by Google from HERE.