Flip Diving- A game worth playing

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The best thing what we love about our devices is the potential to keep us busy. And purposely, what’s more better than playing games on your devices and prevent yourself from getting bored? 

And as of today, we’re presenting you one of the most loved games for Android, called the Flip Diving. And it’s been a while since we posted anything about games so this one is going to be more better than what we introduced last times.

So far we’ve seen a lot of craze in people regarding Pokémon GObut believe us, this game is soon going to outsmart Pokémon GO . It’s getting so much love from people that every Android and iOS user is installing this game on his phone. 

Flip Diving is not only featuring out to be on the top but it also is getting more updates which are introducing more features into this game. 

The game starts like every other normal and may seem ‘just okay’ to you but you will soon find yourself busy for a couple of hours with this game. You have to start with a diver who has to jump from a cliff and keep your finger held onto the screen to make him rotate frontward or backward and make your landing perfect into the water. With every success, the height of the cliff is increased and you will strive more to make the landing successful. Seems easy, eh? Well it’s not. You’ve to land at a particular spot as well as save yourself from the rocks that come in the way. 

With time and more success, you can adapt new moves and also unlock the new tricks. Flip Diving for Android is becoming popular and if you are looking for an adventurous game, then you would definitely love this.

The best thing is that you’ll play with a bunch of divers with unique skills possessed by each one of them. 

Not only that but you’ll get to play in stunning whole new locations, each better than the other one. 

The scenarios will be more difficult yet more exciting to play.

You can even record your best dives and share it with your friends over social media and show off your scores. In nutshell, you will love this game. If you’re obsessed with Pokémon GO, try not getting obsessed with this game too for it may seem more better to you then the other ones. 

You can download Flip Diving for free on Play Store. Download it from HERE.

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