Best Personal Assistants for Android

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We live in a world full of gadgets and latest stuff that personalizes our lives and we are able to rely on them. Not only that but we can really admit that we need the basic tech and apps for running our daily professions and to fill our basic necessities.

And one among our favorite tools is the personal assistant apps that we have in our phones to perform all the basic tasks that we want it to do. Well you might have seen that many apps are available to download for your Android phones. And all the fame of the personal assistant apps began with the development of Siri for iOS which was considered as a big deal for many users as it was believed to perform things that you would have ever wished your phone to do, right from setting an alarm to calling a person actually.

So as of that, many users started demanding assistant apps for android and soon enough, many apps were actually released. So, to give you the best of them, we have made a list of the best virtual assistant for android that you can download and use for your Android phones.


Cortona was initially integrated for Windows platform and even though it still needs some improvement, it can still do the things you expect it to do. Cortona is integrated into Windows 10 and it is actually doing its work quite finely with all the basic personalization done by default. It even though is availing its aspects into Android but still needs a lot of work to do. You can however make calls, write messages, send E-mails, track packages or even add more stuff to your calendar.


There is a reason that we have kept Allo at the second number. It actually should have been on the first number on our list but actually, to be more honest, Google Allo has not gained a lot of popularity yet. Google Allo is a messenger app that even though is giving a competition to other apps but it still needs more development. Google Allo comes with an in-built Assistant app that is featured to do every single task that you wish your Assistant to do. You can click here for more details on Google Allo and the updates it is providing.


As the name suggests, Robin app is the competitor of the Siri app for iPhone that was the most loved and preferred assistant app for iPhone. And now, Robin claims the same for Android. You can control this app using voice and text commands. The user-friendly interface and easy navigation make this app perfect for both newbies and advanced users. Talking about the security it provides, Robin doesn’t need to be verified because it never send any info to anybody without your permission. It is totally secure and a 100% genuine personal assistant app.



The assistant is the most popular and top rated app in the Google Play Store. This app comes with several attractive features that you would love to make your daily life easy and comfortable. This is a total ideal assistant app for the people who want a voice assistant app over their Android phones. This app will answer all of your questions, find places for you to visit cinemas, watch movies, buy tickets, other information, set custom alarm and reminder, launch apps or can even browse any website that you authorize this speaktoit assistant to.

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Lastly, we have featured Indigo android assistant in our list that lets you do the things that you want to, easily! Indigo personal assistant app not only understands your language like a human but also is easily available to give you relevant results. The app comes with some unique features like it can control your music, manage your calendar, translate language, search on the YouTube and much more stuff that you ask it to do.

So that was our list of of best Android assistants that you can download and try on your Android devices. Make sure you ask your questions in the comment box below!

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