The all new Xiaomi’s bendable touchscreen

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With the whole technology today making way by pushing each other to sides just by outsmarting them with features like none other, Xiaomi decided to join the race too. The new technologies gets us stunned by what it has to offer. This time, it is Xiaomi who is ahead of the curve. 
We recently saw the Xiaomi Mi Max Prime and the Redmi Note 4 from Xiaomi where we noticed some extra brilliant features from the devices. Talking about the curve, this time Xiaomi comes with a something unbelievable feature- the bendable display.

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The flexible displays have been earlier introduced too by Nokia and that too very long ago. After that it was Samsung and then Sony who tried their hands on the working of a flexible display. However none among them could make it to the official markets. 
A video recently came up over Youko where a man could be seen using this phone and not only that. The device was running the Xiaomi company’s latest MIUI version, the MIUI 8. That’s not it. He even started a game and we could see that it was working perfectly and all this he did while this smartphone was bent in his hand. A report also said that this display would be coming over in the upcoming Mi Note 2 but we have no confirmation over that fact so for now, we can’t say anything.

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Talking about the panel, it does seem that it would be bending too but that feature still couldn’t be tested out just yet. But apparently, we won’t be waiting too long for its introduction because the phone is making its debut on October 25.
While you’re waiting for the reveal of this firm, why not join us in the comment box and tell us what you feel about the Chinese firm. 

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