Swiftkey Beta gets a new and an exciting update

Android is all about adding all the features and customizations that you like to have. Android platform is considered to be the best platform for editing your applications under certain functions and all that comes with just a few minor adjustments which means that you can choose your favorite applications, modify them or even try them out in their early or beta stages too. 

As Android gives you authority to change the defaults, you can even change your keyboard and switch it to your favorite one. Same is the case with Swift Keyboard. You can easily set this as the default keyboard without any hiccups. Swiftkey has its own third party version called as the Swiftkey Beta which can be used by anybody to try out every new feature that is released.

Swiftkey Beta was released a long time back for Android. The app comes with every latest feature that the company introduces with regular updates. At first, you might not notice any difference between the original Swiftkey and Swiftkey Beta but the new features in this update clarifies it altogether. 

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What’s new in Swiftkey Beta?

Incognito mode- Now this feature has been introduced for the first time in Swiftkey Beta where you can enter a private mode in the keyboard and the keyboard won’t store any words that you’ve entered in its records. Moreover you can enter your personal contacts, emails or texts without anybody seeing it.

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Text shortcut– Another big feature in this update is that you can prevent typing long letters continuously and tire your fingers. Actually the feature goes as suppose you’ve to write “TalkMeTech” in the keyboard. Without repeating the phrase continuously, you can just specify it a small name, like “TMT” or anything that you like. So next time when you type “TMT” in the keyboard, it will display”TalkMeTech” in the suggestions. 

Latin Layout: The keyboard also includes and option to switch to Latin Layout in an email or password writing mode. Also, all arrow keys are present in the main layout and can be easily accessed from there. This app also supports devices running Android Nougat 7.0 and possibly could be working on upcoming Android 7.1
Besides this, Swiftkey Beta with this update has removed bugs too and lags too. 

Should I try Swiftkey Beta?

You might be thinking about this till now and will answer you. From the user experience and from our personal testing, we found the keyboard much reliable and comfortable to try with the same features as given in this post. So you definitely should give it a try. The beta version doesn’t affect the performance of the app still. So you’re free to use it and moreover, there is no particular requirement to use this keyboard.

Will it have bugs? 

As a beta version, Swiftkey Beta v6.4.5 may not be fully stable so a few problems could occur (not usually). So go on and try this version of Swiftkey. And tell us if you faced any issues and share your reviews to us.

Where to get this app? 

Get Swiftkey Beta on Google Play Store

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