Qualcomm announces first X16 and X50 Modems for Next-Gen Devices

Day by day, technology is enhancing and so are the devices with it. Who doesn’t like that his device will work faster without any lags, the internet will be super fast and there will be no performance issues with his phones? Wouldn’t it be better that you have such a strong network connection that will connect all devices in a single connection? That’s something everybody dreams of.

But ecosystems like these need a strong and a seamless network and what could be more better than a 5G internet connection? Many companies have already started out to demonstrate the power of 5G and so has Qualcomm. 

After the processor speed wars is over, many companies have indulged in modem connection speeds just with the introduction of Snapdragon x16 LTE modem from Qualcomm and the amazing x50 5G modem.


This modem is the first modem capable of downloading in Gigabytes download speeds per second. Qualcomm has confirmed that this modem will appear in the next generation Snapdragon 8xx series, named as the Snapdragon 830.

The x16 modem from Qualcomm brings category 16 downlinks with a 4×20 aggregation speed, 256-QAM, 4×4 MIMO and upto 10 LTE data streams at 100 mbps each.

The first appearance of x16 modem will be seen in NETGEAR mobile router. The Qualcomm x16 modems will also be capable of Category 13 uplink that will allow a peak upload speed of over 150 mb. There will be 2×20 carrier aggregation, 64 QAM and 2 LTE streams in the same carrier with streams of over 75 mbps.

This modem from Qualcomm is the flagship modem for the year 2017. 

x50 5G modem

Now this modem is totally going to be a revolution for our way of using the internet. The Qualcomm x50 modem is the first 5G modem announced which is expected to land up very soon. This variant is capable of over 5Gbps speeds on the 28 GHz mmWave Spectrum. 

Due to restrictions of 28 GHz signals, it will be used to complement the existing LTE network but will be influenced from the line of sight. Qualcomm has said that it is working on the solutions and like it is said that it will complement the existing LTE network. The sampling of Qualcomm x50 modems will begin in the later phase of 2017 and the devices including these features will be released in early 2018.

Qualcomm hopes that by the introduction of 5G networks, it will be able to change the way we use internet. It will allow us to watch high quality videos without even the slightest flicker and the offsite storage will feel as fast and rapid as local storage and possibly even VR streaming will be possible. 

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