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We recently introduced you with the all new Nokia D1C smartphone where we took you to the benchmark leak of this device along with the rumored features that we would be expecting from the device. Previously, Nokia D1C had been listed on the AnTuTu Benchmarking and GeekBench websites as a normal yet outstanding smartphone. But now this time, Nokia has been listed on the GFXBench- the bench marking website. And here, Nokia D1C has been listed as a 13.8 inch tablet, not as a smartphone.

Even though it has not been confirmed by any official forum by Nokia, still the leaks have given a full proof idea that the device from Nokia is actually a tablet. Nevertheless, it is an Android tablet that we can’t hesitate to hear about and for sure, this time it is pretty much real.

The tablet seems very stunning and bold, something other tablets couldn’t provide much. Nokia might be introducing a new UI in this tablet or maybe it would be sticking to its previous version. The design looks very fine in this tablet and possible, it could release in a variety of colors.

As per the GFXBench suggested, the Nokia D1C comes with the latest Android Nougat 7.0 which definitely is far more better than any of the tablets in the Android market nowadays. The processor of this tablet is said to be a 1.4Ghz Octa Core Processor Snapdragon 430 and Adreno 505 GPU. 

Talking about the RAM and the internal storage that the slate has to offer, the RAM is said to be 3GB while as the internal storage is said to be 16GB. The GFXBench posted that the available storage would only be around 9GB. Rest would be used in other default resources. 

The camera has been said to be 16 Megapixel with autofocus and a brilliant LED flash. The front camera is told to be 8 Megapixels and both the cameras would be able to support and capture 1080p resolution videos. 

The actual thing that would be impressing the users is that Nokia has introduced a 13.8 inch tablet rather than just rolling out a new phone. Moreover, the tablet would be able to capture 1080p videos, which we haven’t seen in other tablets in the market nowadays. 

Let us look over the features of this tablet:

OS: Android Nougat 7.0
Processor1.4Ghz Octa Core Snapdragon 430 with Adreno 505 GPU
Internal Storage: 16GB
Front camera: 8MP
Rear camera: 16MP
Screen size: 13.8 inch

We certainly hope that this tablet would be a comeback for Nokia as it has lost its name for long. We will keep you updated over the additional features that will be announced. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Nokia D1C-A tablet actually

  1. Anonymous

    "Processor: 1.4Ghz Octa Core Snapdragon 430 with Adreno 505 GPU"….f*ck!!! Another OEM, another fail. I'm not spending my hard earned money on an old processor. Period. Why can't these OEMs get it through their thick heads? Latest Snapdragon. Its not complicated!

  2. Taha Maknoo

    The same question was asked by around 20 persons to me. The actual reason though is unknown but from unconfirmed sources, it is said that maybe the processor 'may be' clocked a bit more and possibly there would be a change in the processor. Let's hope! 🙂


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