Introducing Shazam Lite

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One of our favorite music app all around the world, the regular ‘Shazam’ gives us everything we need for entertainment. People use it globally for buying their favorite music with easier checkouts, watch their favorite TV shows and moreover, gives you the best content with regular updates.

The regular Shazam even though is over 27MB in size but many users still find it ‘too much’ for their devices to handle. The app comes with a bunch of features but at the same time, could sometimes be a bit laggy for your devices.

For this, the company has released an all new ‘Shazam-Lite’ for the devices with a bit less RAM or internal memory and those who don’t prefer huge apps in their phones.

The app is over 1MB in size which has removed all the bloats and unnecessary content from the app. The most important thing is that this app works very fine over slower networks too without consuming much amount of data. It can even run offline while keeping one or more songs in the queue till you receive a stable connection.

These types of small versions are really a great thing for the users who have low RAM in their devices or less memory in their devices or even an unstable or a slow internet connection. 

This app will be released in English for countries like India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Spanish, Venezuela and Nigeria with Android 2.3 or above and would be absolutely free.

You can download it from Play Store for free or if it still hasn’t been released there yet, download the APK from below.

Shazam Lite here.

If you face some issues or have any queries, do let us know in the comment section below.

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