Instagram for Windows 10 launched for PC and tablets

Instagram is a fun way to connect to your friends all across the world and look upto what they have shared with everybody. You can share your photos or videos or look upto the collection of photos and videos of your friends and celebrities too. Basically this is a social app with whole lot of stuff and great collection of pictures from all across the world.

Instagram has its own app for Windows phones, for Android and for iOS. The app even though had been debuted to Windows 10 phones only but it still hadn’t been officially launched as a whole application for the windows 10 or the tablets running Windows 10. After much time, the app has finally come for Windows 10 and the tablets which didn’t have the originally version before. 

Now Instagram is hitting Windows 10 PCs and tablets running Windows 10 and all your favorite features like the Instagram stories, Direct and Explore are added to this version of Instagram. And now you will be able to capture, edit and share easily from your PC or Windows tablet but for uploading pictures, you only can use a touchscreen Windows 10 tablet or PC. It may seem odd but, the application is restricted to these features only.

But still, something remains. The app has not been rolled out in a proper and official version for iPad and also, Apple tablet users are bound to use only an unoptimized iPhone version of the application.

Features in nutshell:

  • Edit and Post photos: With Instagram app, you can edit your favorite photos or videos and share it to the world and the ones you love.
  • Stories: This feature will bring up the stories and events from the people you follow to your feed.
  • Instagram Live Tile: Find out what your friends or family are upto.
  • Ideal and ‘only necessary’ notifications: You’ll be notified if anything of your interest is happening or the notifications you’re interested in.
  • Instagram Direct: It will let you chat via a thread to the people you want to who are on Instagram. You can make and chat in groups too and share photos.
  • Full featured Search, Explore, Profile and Feed.

Let us hope that the application for iPad users will be released officially and separately and many improvements would be made to the app, like working on a non-touchscreen Windows 10 PC or tablet.

You can download the app from Microsoft store. It is available there. 
Or download it from here.

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