How to get Android Nougat features on your Android device without upgrading

Recently, we saw the release of Android Nougat for many devices which include the primary devices like the Google Pixel and more officially supported devices. But for many people, the update doesn’t support their phone for the phones they use are probably a bit old and out of more updates. 

But do you still don’t want to be held back? Do you still want to taste Android Nougat on your Android devices? Well, there are many tips and ways that will bring you the features of Android Nougat on your devices and that too without actually updating your Androids. You may or may not be knowing that Android Nougat features can be carried on to other Android devices too but for that, there has to be some method followed away.

Well let us tell you some of the things you should definitely try to bring out the best out of your phones and make it look as if it’s running Android Nougat. 

1) Use a launcher

We know that Android has a great feature of letting you install any custom launcher over it to enjoy its newest features and get everything that we need to look our phones good. Same is the case with the new launcher, the Nougat Launcher available for any Android phone to download and install for free. This launcher will make your Android look and feel like it’s running Android Nougat. 
This launcher will let you enjoy many features of Android Nougat, along with clean looks, smooth experience and customization settings. 

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2) Use Xposed

If you’ve a rooted phone, you can easily get the Android Nougat features on it. You can install Android N-ify app from the modules. And to install Xposed, you can head over to XDA website and search it for your specific mobile. The modules will be coming with a guide to help you to install every feature from Android Nougat to on your devices without any hiccups. 

3) Get Nougat styled status and notification bar

Again, a module known as the Android N-ify status bar, you can customize your status bar as same as that of Android Nougat official build. The notification style of your device could be changed easily through some simple steps and options.

4) Download N-dialer

Possible you’re tired of the same old look of your dialer and calculator in your old version of your Android. But not anymore. Nougat features a good dialer and calculator app and now you can get that too. And you can get up the Android Nougat style dialer and calculator on your device just install up to the N Dialer+Calculator app!

For more info and more steps, click HERE.

Final Words
These were some of the best tips you can try over your phones to give them a look and feel of Android Nougat. Is there anything else that you’ve to include? Why not to mention it in the comment box below then? 

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