Google’s 2 new smartwatches rumored to release in 2017

From time to time, Google has been escalating our favorite stuff and Android wear to a whole new level. The devices and gadgets introduced always rock the market. Same is the case this time but it is not an Android phone or a software that Google is releasing this time. It is a whole new experience, a smartwatch. And actually, two smartwatches.
This is not the first time we are hearing about smartwatches provided by Google itself. Back in July, rumors had surfaced up that Google is preparing to introduce two of the smartwatches soon. But the claims were brought down soon as there wasn’t any official news or source regarding the introduction of these two watches.

But now once again, we’re hearing about the smartwatches, the bigger one named as Angelfish and the smaller one known as Swordfish.

Both these watches are Assistant enabled and easy to use. This news is not an interpretation or anything of that sort but based on facts and what we have been hearing from Google. 

The larger one ‘Angelfish’ is supposed to be coming with proper LTE and GPS connectivity which completely stands alone to show off the features of Android wear provided by Google. Also, the news is rumored that the Swordfish would not be coming with these two features and possibly, not a heart rate sensor too. 

The Swordfish is a bit different with less features than Angelfish. It is smaller, thinner and lighter than the Angelfish which of course could be seen in the image. This watch is clearly to target users who have low budget or just would prefer a simple one.

Likely both these watches are expected to be dedicated exclusively to Google Pixel phones but we still have no confirmation on whether the watches will be branded as Google, Pixel, Nexus or something else.

The news last month suggested that the release of Android wear 2.0 would be postponed till early 2017. But it is expected that new features would be added to the range along with removing the bugs if there are any. Many speculated that they would be launched just with the new update.

Many believe that these watches would be released during the first quarter of 2017 which matches the time of the Android wear 2.0 releasing. Let us see when the two smartwatches would be having a confirmation of releasing dates from the Google.

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