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With the metamorphic advancements in the technology-world, the basic need of a person could be internet, even more than anything. Internet is the thing that we need in our daily lives for carrying even the smallest of our tasks, for carrying our businesses or even for just staying connected with our dear ones.

Normally people globally prefer a faster internet connection but somehow, it results in a costly luxury to afford and the plans that are in the budget don’t provide a faster internet connection that we always want. Does it happen because we have chosen wrong routers with the wrong networks? Possibly it could be but what could be more good if the internet costs much cheaper than we usually pay. What if it would have a reliable support from Google? Things would be really great, right?

As such, we introduce you the Google’s official Wi-Fi router today, a Wi-Fi router that simplifies whole home wireless.

Google although has an other Router but this one is going to be more affordable and more reliable than the previous one which is purely and wholly made by Google itself. The previous routers were as Google OnHub with the support of Asus and TP Link in which Google was only responsible for the software in the routers. This Wi-Fi kicks off at just 129$. 

Another great thing is the compact design of the router. The Wi-Fi could be installed at any place without much effort. Plus there is not much issue with the wires. It is really easy to install.

You might be thinking, why did Google release another Wi-Fi router when it already had OnHub? The reason is pretty simple. OnHub served as a single point of access to wireless network of your home but Google Wifi forms a mesh network using multiple routers to cover your entire home. Since for that you will need a multiple Google WiFi routers to take full advantage of the mesh capabilities, therefore the company will sell a pack of three WiFi discs at a price of $299.

The pack of three is recommended if you have to install it in a huge place. But if you are at home and want to keep it just for your home, then the single pack is recommended which still would be as stable as the three.

The companion software lets your device connect freely with the Wi-Fi and it also lets you monitor the devices that are already connected to the Wi-Fi. If you ever feel of disconnecting any unknown device from the Wi-Fi, the companion software is there for this process too. 

One of the biggest plus points of this device is that it automatically analyzes your network quality and provides you the best connection. Moreover, you won’t be needing any special or a particular site to configure the settings of your Wi-Fi like you used to do with your previous routers. 

“The Google Wi-Fi provides cheaper, faster and more reliable internet than other routers and networks.”

The Wi-Fi can maintain very high speeds even at a frequent use. There will not be any alteration in the network. Each router features 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports so you can have a wired connection for an even faster as well as a more reliable connection. 

The Google Wi-Fi is going to launch in the early phase of December while as the preorders will start in the month of November. The Google Wi-Fi is set to be introduced almost everywhere.

Till now, the Google Wi-Fi looks very great and a perfect alternative to the users who are annoyed of the low speeds or other issues with their routers. 

We will bring you more details when we get hands on the Google Wi-Fi. Till then, stay tuned!

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