Google releases Daydream Keyboard for VR typing

It’s not a surprise that Google yet introduced another application in the Google Play Store. Google recently introduced Pixel smartphones to us where it showed off its Daydream View VR Headset. There is a daydream Keyboard app in the Play Store by Google which you eventually can’t use, though.

Everybody must be knowing about the Daydream apps and possibly how those work. Not a big deal. And this time, to promote virtual reality ecosystem, Google has released the Daydream keyboard app for VR typing. The Daydream Keyboard is compatible with Daydream ready phones only. And that means that this keyboard is ideal for Google Pixel phones who are totally Daydream compatible. The application is said to be running comfortably on the Nexus 6P devices too but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The official purpose of this app is the text entry in the Daydream mode in your device and some of the functions may not work if you uninstall the Daydream Keyboard. 

This keyboard itself is very similar to Google’s original keyboard with a gray theme and some blue highlights that collaborate with the Pixel smartphones. Still, we have no confirmation of whether the themes of this keyboard could be changed in the settings menu or not. As you can see in the picture, the alphabet pad is kept separate while as the numeric pad is separate too. This is a boost to provide a comfortable daydream mode without the need to tap keys unnecessarily. On the extreme right side, we have the giant ‘delete’, ‘enter’ and ‘change input method’ buttons that are easy and comfortable to understand and use.

The Nexus 6P eventually can’t support this mode just yet for Nexus 6P is not ready yet for daydream and moreover, the viewer hasn’t been shipped yet. Still you can wait for sometime till everything becomes available to you. Till then, enjoy the glimpses and sneak peeks into the new daydream Keyboard.

Install the app free from here.

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