Google Allo gets an update

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Not long back, we introduced you the all new Google Allo. And as we already know that Allo is a new messaging app released by Google that is actually a better alternative to all the messaging apps that we use. Google Allo not only takes over some of the better features of WhatsApp, but it also gives a good fight to Facebook Messenger. 

So far, Google Allo has been a massive hit as it gained millions of followers globally with over 5 million and counting downloads. And yet again, Google has rolled out an update to this messaging app that comes with built in Assistant. So talking about the update, do you know what’s new? Let’s take a tour. 

So we are on the update of Google Allo. The said version of the app is 2.0 which is coming in with some of the most requested features. 

The first feature that is coming with this update to Allo is that it is coming with splitscreen multitasking which adds features like app shortcuts, GIF keyboards and quick replies. These changes are actually inclined to make users feel Google Allo as if it’s running on an Android Nougat device even when it is not. The splitscreen multitasking takes advantage from the multi window feature that is functional with the Android Nougat. 

The App shortcuts feature allows the users to run Allo right from their home screen. This really could prove a great feature for people that are tired of locating apps from their app drawers. 

Another totally new and most requested feature is that you can now directly reply to your messages from the notification panel which means that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing and reply. Rather you can just pull out a reply box from the notification panel of your phone itself and you’re done. 

The other minor improvements include direct voice recognition feature in Assistant, Direct Share and GIF support, among other new features.

Actually the Allo (as said) comes with an inbuilt Assistant included which even is indexed in some other official builds too running Android Nougat 7.0. However many users demanded Google Assistant on some phones too and that is why, we provided you with a guide of how to install Google Assistant on any phone running Android Nougat to get Assistant running on your Nougat devices. 

So let’s see, whether the new update will get Allo more users worldwide. Allo certainly is a growing messaging app that is expected to take our every other messaging app that we use. So let’s see, how far would Allo be going with updates and of course, more updates will be scheduled for the future. 

You can download the newest version of Allo from here on Google Play Store. 

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