Facebook introduces Messenger ‘Lite’+APK

Facebook has been the first social networking website for maybe all of us. It is the most popular social networking application till now with billions of users worldwide.

With the introduction of Facebook to the mobile devices and desktops, the company rolled applications to make it easier to access Facebook and stay connected with your dear ones.

But the story isn’t the same for everybody among us. Even though Facebook provides a decent access when viewed over the browser but for a smooth experience, it asks us to install the application from Google Play or iTunes store.

Now the main issue is that the application size is too much, and by that, we mean that most of the old devices that we have, they can’t run the application properly due to the low amount of RAM or less space.

What people find the most annoying this is that you need to install an app called ‘Facebook Messenger‘  that comes separately and is the most essential app without which the Facebook won’t allow us to text somebody.

After receiving many requests, Facebook reacted and brought us the ‘Facebook Lite’ which immediately became the favorite for everybody because it was just over 1.5 MB and included the option for texting within itself.
Download Facebook Lite here.

Still many people were a bit uncomfortable with the messaging interface in the Lite app and all they needed was a mini version of Facebook Messenger too and look, we are here introducing the app.

Facebook has announced a “Lite” version of its Android Messenger app. The new bare-bones Messenger app is designed for older phones with less memory and less powerful processors. This app is a standalone version of the Messenger app by Facebook.

Messenger that offers the core features of Messenger for markets with slower than average internet speeds and a prevalence of basic Android smartphones. With Messenger Lite, people are able to quickly and easily send text, photos and links to anyone using Messenger or Messenger Lite.

Billions of people use Messenger app but with the Messenger Lite app, everybody can stay in touch with their dear ones regardless of the network conditions or storage limitations.

Messenger Lite is over 10 MB. “But does that mean that it won’t have our favorite features?”
Relax! This application will come with almost every feature that you enjoyed in Messenger, like your favorite stickers, sending and receiving photos, sending links and other such things. It resembles the original Messenger in many ways but precisely, it is very stable and works in any network conditions.

There’s no mention of whether there will be a similar app for iOS (Facebook says it chose markets with a “prevalence of basic Android smartphones”).

Messenger Lite will initially launch in Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Venezuela, but will hit other regions at a later, unspecified date.

But if you’re from any other country or place, you’ve to be a little more patient because the application would be released a bit later.

You can however download the APK of this application from 

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