Common smartphone problems and how to fix them

What do we expect from our smartphones while buying them? Do we expect a good RAM management with a powerful battery? Do we expect a camera that would be better than every other smartphone? Do we expect lot of storage to save our personal stuff? Of course we do! 

Our smartphones have become a necessity of our lives and the last thing that we would expect them to do is function improperly or let us down at the most precious time. 

Things like these do occur and they occur without even giving a warning before. Anything could happen to your phone. Your phone can face any issue at any point of time but the main thing is how to get that phone work properly despite facing any issue.

In this post, we will take you to a whole new world of our smartphones and what happens if a problem occurs to your phone and how to get it resolved. 


Now this problem occurs to almost every user who expects his phone to last long on the battery. With time, your smartphone become weary and you might have noticed that the battery starts draining sometimes more than normal. This is not a good sign, definitely not! This issue is annoying but there still are quite a few ways to fix this issue. 

FIX- One of the easiest way is to change your brightness settings in the device or change your location settings. All you need to do is go to SETTINGS > LOCATION > SELECT BATTERY SAVING MODE. The other way is to avoid ‘Auto-brightness’ in your phone.
Other way is to reduce the standby time to a minute or a few seconds even. The battery life can drain if your screen is on and that too idle for a long time.

2) Unresponsive Screen

As per the personal experiences, this thing can be so irritating that sometimes you just want to give up on your device. What happens is that sometimes while doing something or playing a game or running a huge app or sometimes even normally, the screen doesn’t respond to your touch. This even though isn’t a permanent issue but still, it can be very annoying at times.

FIX- You can try pressing the home button to close some apps or still if it doesn’t work for you, just turn off the phone for a few seconds and then turn it back on. It will work. 
But however, if you have damaged your phone in any way possible and its touch isn’t working, then you have a serious problem in your hands. 
Sometimes the power off button even doesn’t work. So for that, manually remove the battery to start the device over.

3) Phone doesn’t charge properly

You might have witnessed sometimes that your device doesn’t charge as fast as it used to on the very first day. The charging takes time and it gets annoying everytime.

FIX- Don’t worry! There’s no problem with your phone (most of the times). But however, you can try replacing your charger with a new phone or buy a new USB cable or even buy a new battery (if the device is too old).

4) Google Play Store crashes

You might have been through this issue that sometimes while downloading your favorite app, the play store crashed and you just wished to throw your phone against the wall. No issues there! It is a common thing. It sometimes is the problem with the app so chill, the phone is okay.

FIX- To fix this, all you need to do is go to Settings > Applications > All apps > Google Play Store> Clear Cache. However, if the problem still dominates, try clearing the data of the same app and later on, restart your phone.
Sometimes, there is also a problem with the Google Play Store version. For that, try finding and a newer version to download for the app.

5) App crashes

This one is a common problem too. Your favorite apps can sometimes crash leaving you all alone there, helpless. This actually happens when you open many applications at the same time and sometimes, one of them crashes.

FIX-There is an easy solution to this. Try closing the app from the task manager (by default) and then reopen it. Sometimes you may need to reboot the phone to make the app work normally. However if the problem still prevails, try clearing the data of the application.

6) Emails deliver late (syncing problems)

You might have encountered many troubles due to the late delivery of an important E-mail. This problem is not with the e-mailing app, it is the problem with the Synchronization of your device.

FIX- For this, you would be needing a strong internet connection to manually synchronize your account. However if you still face hiccups while syncing, then try to remove the Google account and then add it again.

7) Overheating

You ever felt that your device is heating like an oven? Everybody does. It’s just for the time being but the thing to keep in mind is that the phone should be given a break if it heats abnormally. 

FIX– To fix this issue, reduce your gaming obsessions a bit. Try leaving your phone at a side while it is cooling down or disable the background apps that you don’t need.

Did we miss out something? Why not to put them in comments and we will give you a solution to the problem in your device. 

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