Android 7.1- Preview and newest features

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With the coming of Android Nougat 7.1, every cellular company became busy in introducing devices that would be supporting Android Nougat 7.0. Google itself rolled out updates for the Google Pixel and XL along with the Nexus series.

The Nougat version of Android has come with a great change for the phones supporting the updates. With the same, Google introduced a bit higher version of Android Nougat as the 7.1 version. This version is just a firmware update for the devices that already have the Nougat 7.0 version in their phones.
At the event in San Francisco on October 4, Google introduced many new products like the Google Allo, the Pixel and Pixel XL, daydream view etc. Google claimed that its Pixel devices would be the debut for receiving the Android Nougat 7.1 update. 

What’s new in Android 7.1?

Till now, it is considered that there will be no Assistant app for the users who don’t have Google Pixel devices. But still, apart from all this, this update does have a lot to offer than the other previous versions.

This update will deliver the same security, performance and productivity as we had in the Android Nougat 7.0 but it will be coming with fixed bugs, a lot new features and a variety of optimizations that we didn’t have in the Android 7.0 version.

Circular icon pack: This feature will provide a round look to your apps that we didn’t have in the previous versions. The apps will look more as that in the Google Pixel phones which come with the round icon pack.

App shortcuts: Now for many of you out there, this feature would be something we have been waiting for so long. This feature will let you you surface key actions directly in the launcher and take into your app instantly. You can create up to 5 shortcuts, either statically or dynamically. This feature was briefly introduced in the Android Nougat beta program for the developers but it was removed for some reasons. Now it is back in this update.

Image keyboard: This feature allows to send content directly from the keyboard, like the GIFs, emojis, stickers etc. Even though this feature is supposed to release with this update but still, it has not been confirmed whether this feature would be releasing with the Google keyboard or not.

Improvements in touch: The changelog officially confirmed that the update would be making the touch even better than the previous version of what we had. This means that delay from tapping the screen to receive the response has been lowered a lot. 

Fingerprint gestures: Till now, this feature may only have been seen by rooting your devices or some other features that are not part of the officially Android but not anymore! This update is introducing the fingerprint gestures within, which means that you’ll have to swipe the screen as desired to make your device perform the activity you wish. You will be able to swipe the finger down on the fingerprint scanner and the notification shade will pull down. There will be many other options like this mentioned in the changelog.

A new Android for the Pixel.

For the Pixel series, the Nougat is different from what we would be seeing in the Nexus or some other devices. The version of Android it has the notification drawer in black and the brightness slider is blue which resembles the color of Pixel devices with Google.

The settings of the device has a whole new exciting feature from Google. When you go to settings of the phone, you’ll see a slider on the left side of the device which provides you the direct contact to the Google support team, something that we haven’t seen before. If you will have a problem in your device, you can directly contact the Google’s support team. This feature is rumored not to be in Android 7.1 

Also, Google rebuilt the camera experience for the Pixel series and so, the owners will be able to back up the full resolution of their photos and videos to Google photos. This feature even though was there but it would take up a lot of space.

But the biggest thing that is not in the Android 7.1 update is that there will be no Assistant in the device. Rather there is an Al Bot. You can almost ask it for anything like playing music, stream YouTube, ask for answers and more. Actually it is a new revolution of introducing “Assistant” to the new Android devices by Google.

When is the update releasing?

The beta program of this version is releasing in the ending of October while as the official version is said to be coming in the middle of later phase of December of this year.

Supported devices:

The devices that Google has told would be supporting this update are:
NEXUS Player
Pixel C
Pixel and Pixel XL
Supported Android One devices.

Even though every feature is according to the official changelog, still Google can change some things anytime. If there would be the introduction of new features or some replacement, we would be there to notify you. Stay tuned!

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