Android 7.1 Developer Preview now available

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We recently came up with the all new Android 7.1 Developer Preview and features where we gave you a detailed look of how the update would feel in your devices that is supported of this update. As of today, the update releases for developers to try out the newest features that will be included to the Android 7.1 and as we had promised, we brought you the news of its release. 
As the Pixel phones have a default Android 7.1 so they don’t have to wait for anything. But if you are a Nexus 5X/6P or Pixel C owner, the wait is over. You will get the Android Nougat 7.1 beta update today. The update will be brought automatically to your phones but still if you haven’t got it, you can enroll your devices in the Android Beta program where you will be getting the developer version of this update to your phones. 
As we said, you can again turn to Android 7.1 features to get to know what this update will offer you. The crux is that there are many new features including the:
–> Image keyboard Support– easily share images with your IME to any text input in your favorite applications.
–> Round icon resources– The ‘wanted by all’ feature from the Pixel series which includes in the Pixel launcher.
–> App shortcuts API– upto five intents can be launched within a menu accessed by long pressing an app’s icon from the launcher. 
–> Storage manager intent– If your phone is running low on storage, the user will be directly guided to the storage manager where they can free up space.
Though the Fingerprint gestures and the Google Assistant aren’t available in this update, still you can try to use Google Assistant from here.
For other devices, the update will officially be released in the month of December this year.
If you want another method for getting Android Nougat 7.1, you can try and flash your system images. 
You can get started here.

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