Trending Android launchers till now.

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Our Android phones come with brilliant features and manual customizations which are wholly dependent on the user over which the user himself chooses the style over which he wants his device to perform.
Now as we know, the themes that we get by default in our Android phones are someday gonna stop pleasing us and all we need is a new look to our phone and new features to add up. 

Definitely boring!
But don’t worry! Your device could do a lot better than providing the boring looks. It’s not a big issue. All you need is a launcher in your device, a theme launcher.
Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the best launchers of 2016 which still lead the Android market.


APUS LAUNCHER is a simple yet powerful, vivid and an impressive launcher which gives a stunning look to our phones.

By default, the launcher shows all of your favorite apps on the homescreen in a very tidy and an elegant way and at the bottom, you’ve Camera, Chrome, Contacts and Calls which we can edit easily. It is a very simple launcher which takes even less than 2 Megabytes of your device’s memory. Moreover, it’s a very famous launcher which has more than 100 million downloads over the play store. It’s available for free on the Google play store.

Nova Launcher is one of those gems that works right out of the box but has almost endless options to customize pretty much all of it. As a basic Launcher or Home replacement, you have the home screens to place shortcuts and widgets on, icons to represent all of your installed applications, and a drawer to hold them all. If you don’t like the way your home screens and app drawer look on the phone you bought, you can install Nova Launcher and replace it all with one install. And it will all just work.

The Nova launcher has it all that a user needs in a phone. It provides luscious icon packs, amazing designs, improvements for ‘Look and feel’. Moreover, if you want a custom icon pack, download it and this launcher will run it for you. 
This app has two versions- Nova launcher and Nova launcher Prime. The prime version has some additional features and therefore it is paid on play store but no worries! The normal version is still free to all.


The Arrow launcher comes with a vivid design that other launchers don’t provide. Your favorite apps are always near to you. 

The Arrow launcher always makes it easy to customize your apps according to your will. The launcher also provides an interface of the newest features of Android. Users have also suggested that this launcher doesn’t drain battery and moreover, it has high ratings on play store and definitely it is absolutely free.


There’s no doubt to the name ‘Google’. Their launcher won’t disappoint you too. Paint your device with vibrant colors, and transform the screen with cool looking icons to give a fresh look to your device with Google Now Launcher app for your Android run device. As this app is the Google’s version of what an Android device should look like. 

The app uses information from your device and other Google services you are using to display the cards and reminders on the screen. You can also choose which cards you want to see and which ones you don’t just by sweeping to the left on the Android device’s screen to have a look at currently displayed cards which may include: sports, TV and Videos, Places etc.

OK Google option provides you the option to simply use your own voice to command and control the Android device: tell your device to set an alarm, play a music file, get directions or send a text message among countless other things. 
A-Z apps List feature on the Google Now Launcher enlists all the apps on your device and play store alphabetically, enabling you to quickly look for apps you want to use with fast scrolling. App Suggestions provides suggestions for the apps you are interested in to the top of the A-Z apps list using on-device intelligence. 

So these were some trending launchers for your phone. Go on and try a few. Who knows what might impress you!

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