Top new iOS10 features that Android already has

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As we know that the Apple company recently released iPhone 7 as well as the iOS 10 with it that comes with a variety of features, we’ve taken a sneak peek into some of the major features that have been introduced much before in Android.
Though iOS 10 has certain features that are new, many old things have been fixed along with some minor bugs too. But does that clear that Android still rules over iOS?
let’s take a look of the new features in iOS 10

1) Raise to wake

This feature has already been there in Android called Ambient Display since the introduction of Android lollipop.

2) Clear all notifications

Now finally, this option has been introduced in iOS.

3) Lock screen widgets

This feature has been in Android since ages.

4) iOS photos facial recognition

Google’s Photo app already has this feature and moreover, the app is for iOS too. (Amazing!)

5) Uninstall System apps

Now I can’t even remember when this feature was launched in Android. Even though it’s an old feature but still, it might be helpful.

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