Reasons why a phone doesn’t charge properly.

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You might have experienced many minor issues in your phones. And by minor, I mean the small malfunctions in phones that occur once a while and most of the time, we let them go just because they don’t occur frequently and no way, affect our devices (We think!)
Ever experienced a brief lagging in phone? It’s annoying but we let it go, right? Everyone does the same, don’t worry.

But if you’ve bought your phone ‘not-so-long’ ago and you’re experiencing issues, the device definitely has some issues.
One such issue is occurring to many of the devices that we’ve- ‘The Charging Issues’.

I’ve been across many such posts that people are having trouble charging their phones which includes

  • Not charging fast (As it used to in early days)
  • Battery draining rapidly
  • Battery heating abnormally
  • Charger not connecting properly
  • Phone malfunctioning after discharging.
Of course these issues invoke a lot of anxiety in the users and they begin to doubt the quality of their devices. 
Don’t you worry! Here are some tips that would help you if you’re device is experiencing the same problems as that of given above.
1) Is your charger okay?
I’ve seen many times that my friends don’t use the charger that the company offers with the device. They use any charger that they find and keep changing it anytime with any charger they can find.
If you’ve to maintain your device in a good health, always use the charger that has been given by the company. Don’t use any other charger.
A charger has its own current and power consumption which is ideal for your phone and no other charger can provide. So even if you don’t have the default charger available, buy a new one with the same qualities as the previous one and same brand preferred.

2) Is your USB Cable the same you got with the phone?
Well if it isn’t so, run to the market and buy your phone a USB cable that exactly matches the features of the old one. Your device sometimes doesn’t recognize some of the USB Cables resulting in the abnormal behavior of the device. Sometimes some cables can be of good quality and the one that comes with your device is definitely perfect but if you still aren’t satisfied with the performance, it’s time to buy a new phone which is more powerful than the previous one.
3) Do you use your phone while charging?

Now if you’re doing this, I’m sorry! Nobody can save your device. Using phone while charging not only reduces the battery life to a great extent but also poses a risk to the user. The battery may outburst or something like that can happen but essentially, this is the thing that don’t let’s you charge your device well. If this thing is done frequently, you’ll need to replace the battery very soon.

4) You ever bought your phone a new battery?

If you’ve bought your phone some years back and you feel now that it’s battery hardly holds it for an hour or so, gift your phone a battery then. A brand new battery of the same company would be awesome and would again make your phone happy for a couple of years.
5) Is the charger port safe and sound?

Sometimes there could be a problem with the USB Port of your device. It is a common issue and all you need to do is check if it’s okay or get it checked at the phone’s service centre. If your charger disconnects automatically or blinks the charging, then there’s some problem with the port. 

If you’re experiencing the same issues, fix them. If still the problem continues, contact us!

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