Problems in Android Nougat 7.0

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Till now you’ve heard a lot from this page regarding the beauties and modifications of Android in Nougat 7.0 OS. If not, check it here.

Okay so the beautified part was different and most of our users have tried and tested Android Nougat 7.0 on their phones (be it official or even unofficial).

Now we’re in the darker side of this upgrade from Android. The ROM even though has fascinated many of the users but with the course of time, we’ve had a lot of complaints over Android Nougat in their devices, the first from Nexus.
Nexus users are complaining over various issues in their operating systems.

Before you start updating your devices to Nougat 7.0, be sure that you’ve read everything about it well (which includes the issues too).

Android 7.0 Nougat Problems

It’s early but we’re already hearing about Nexus Android 7.0 problems.

First of all, many complaints came over the basic installation of the operating system. The users complained that the OS wasn’t getting installed in their devices and many installations usually ended up with an error.

Few others complained that their devices went into bootloop, some complained over busted sound/speakers while others complained that their devices started lagging despite having a good RAM. 

Recently, we’ve tested some new features too and found out that the battery drained abnormally, had Wi-Fi issues and sometimes, we even had bluetooth issues.

It’s still early so we expect complaints to pickup as more people are upgrading to Android 7.0 Nougat.

But wait, there’s some good news too. The issues haven’t been globally found and many users are pretty satisfied with this upgrade. 

So if you’re confused over updating your device to Nougat 7.0, you can wait because it has been heard that Google might be releasing the new bugs-fixed update with the course of time.

If you still have any major problem, you can contact the Google Forums. They’ll help you out if possible.

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