Is Google Allo smart enough to answer your basic questions?

So far there has been a lot of talks regarding the Google Allo and its features and its comparison with other messenger applications.
In my older post, I gave a description of the differences between Google Allo and WhatsApp where I didn’t specifically declare a winner but yeah, definitely gave a brief good info about Allo because users found it more good. Read it here.
But I never really took you to the dark side, did I? Don’t worry it’s not that dark.
As you know, Google Allo has an assistant which is claimed as ‘smart’ by Google.
But is it really smart when it comes to answering basic questions that you ask?
For that, I’ve had a little bit of talking with the Assistant and here’s what he had to say.
Go through the pictures below. They’ll tell you everything you wanna know.
Funny? Or annoying? To be honest, I got irritated by these answers.
The claims couldn’t match up with these types of answers but you’ve no other choice but to deal with it.
But I got something good. Definitely!
It was able to perform calculations pretty well and accurately. I didn’t test every type but as far as calculations are cornered, I’m satisfied and the calculating speed is pretty good too.
So let’s hope that Google would be bringing us some updates that definitely have worked on fixing the answers of Google Assistant and that focuses on giving relevant answers.

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