How to prevent Applock from getting killed in redmi2/ Redmi2 prime devices

Xiaomi devices come with variety of features and a good RAM management. It provides a good option for optimizing RAM (which is also known as killing of apps).
So as we download some apps and keep them running in the background, they get killed instantly by the Xiaomi optimization feature which could lead the app from performing in the background. Same is the case with Applock where users keep a password for their apps but when they optimize the RAM, the app gets killed and the passwords vanish.
So here’s the procedure for preventing Applock from getting killed in the background…
1) Firstly, open the security app in your Xiaomi devices. It could be on home screen or in any ‘Tools’ folder.
2) In the ‘security’ app, click on ‘permissions’ in the bottom right corner.
3) In the permissions option, click on the first option which would emerge as ‘Autostart.’
4) There you could click on Applock and keep it on.
That’s it! Now even thought you optimize your apps, Applock won’t get killed from the background. You can even keep your other favorite apps open too, no troubles. 

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