Google Play Music launched in India.

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It’s hasn’t just been a long back before Google recently introduced YouTube Go for the Indian who is data conscious and can’t afford high rate data plans where he would be getting every benefit from the internet in every way.

And now, Google has brought us something that we’ve all been waiting for so desperately– The music app, Google Play Music. 

The application even though was launched five fine years ago but still, it didn’t have any option to download the Indian music or redirect to any Indian song. 
The Google Play Music Service even though has finally been launched in India but still, there’s no official announcement blog post to this effect.

The thing is that this service is officially live now in India and available on Google Play Store for free. All you need to do is download the application and search for the music you’re looking for.

If you click on the ‘Shop’ button in the app, it’ll take you to the Google Play Music store where you can find all the latest songs and if your device is set to Indian location, congrats! It’s gonna give you all the latest music from India.

However, this feature is only restricted to purchases. You can’t just stream a song online and download it later. You’ll need to pay first and then it’ll get downloaded and available to you and since there has been no official announcement yet, there is no word on whether this streaming service will come to the market soon.

Like Apple, Google is providing highly localized content, available in multiple Indian languages, along with the usual international music. Prices for individual tracks is INR 15 (23ยข) and album prices can vary greatly depending upon the number of tracks.

Now when it comes to pricing, the store is a little bit expensive. The music that you can purchase has a little bit more pricing and it does seem expensive keeping in mind the average purchasing power of a smartphone user (encompassing the high and low ends of the market), as well as the local competition in the digital library space.

The purchased content is then available in all platforms that have Google Play Music such as the web, the Android app or the iOS.

This year for sure in India has been a great technology revolution starting with the introduction of Reliance Jio 4G and now these last few months are suggesting that we’re gonna have a lot more of techie stuff than before ever. 

For now, Google Play Music has been introduced as a great revolution in India as the users can purchase their favorite music with the trust of the Google company. What this application has more in future, it’s yet to be seen.

Download Google Play Music here.

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