Google Allo V/s WhatsApp

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The Android market has definitely been abuzz with the launch of Google Allo which even comes for iOS. The launch created a massive fandom for Google as it released its newly made messenger, the Google Allo.
If you still haven’t read about Google Allo, make sure to click the link above.
Now the main thing that stands is that Google claims that its messenger is the best they’ve released. Even better than Hangouts.
But does Google Allo have what it takes to stand against other messengers?
Could Google Allo outsmart the features of WhatsApp messenger? Could it be possible that WhatsApp would not be able to stand itself against Google Allo?
We’ll find out in this post!
Now as you may already know that fact that Google Allo is different from WhatsApp. And when I say different, I really mean ‘diffrent’. The thing is that Google Allo has everything that WhatsApp ever could introduce in itself.
Even though the Google Allo lacks the calling feature but it definitely has introduced a substitute for that, the Google Duo.
The Google Allo has everything that you’d need in a messenger app. You’d like to send pictures, voice, emojis? Allo would do the job for you. And outsmarting WhatsApp, Allo would allow you to send stickers in your chat.
WhatsApp on the other hand may have some exciting features like video call and voice call in the same app and that definitely is a plus point for the app to compete against the other apps.
But here comes the secret trick of Google Allo, the Google Assistant.
Yes, you heard it right. The Google Allo provides an excellent assistance from the Google Assistant. The Assistant basically does all the jobs that you’ve been expecting so far which WhatsApp can’t provide.
For more details about the Google Assistant, you can read the post above.

To add more to the party, Google has promised that it’d release the updates of the Google Allo and who knows, maybe they’d introduce some exciting features too that would make us forget all other messenger apps.
So let’s assume that WhatsApp might soon be something of ‘less priority’ for us but we hope that the users will find something that would be of great help to them. You’re however always free to decide!

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