CyanogenMod V/s MiUI for Redmi2/Prime

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Xiaomi provides is with devices that always are user-friendly, in-budget and takes good care of it’s customers be it in China or even India. The Redmi2/ Redmi2 Prime have everything in common apart from the fact that Redmi2 Prime has lollipop based OS while Redmi 2 is still on the default Android KitKat.

The default OS in Xiaomi devices is MIUI (any version). If you’re a user who likes to have his homescreen full of colors and mesmerizing themes, MIUI does the job for you.
MIUI has a unique blend of features, like it provides you with a homescreen that nobody else can provide. There no App Drawer button but just apps are arranged in a very unique manner which gives an elegant look to the phone.

The MIUI has a great priority and more than that, it provides updates on a regular basis. The updates are mostly of the system but sometimes, they give Android updates. Recently they released an update for Redmi2 Prime which introduced Android L in the device.

Theye have China and Global ROM in MIUI and the main difference would be Global ROM comes with Google apps and more languages supported while China ROM does not comes with Google apps and pre-installed with some Chinese apps. 

In China and Global ROM, they have developer and stable version. 

Developer version (China) is updated every week on Friday, also known as Orange Friday where users receive OTA update from them and new features get added first in China Developer ROM before they implement them on stable ROM. This ROM is suitable for Mi Fans who like to try out new features.
Developer version (Global) is updated bi-weekly. It get new features and bug fixes in every update, and is stable enough for daily usage

Stable version doesn’t have a regular update frequency. It’s updated once a month/two months/even longer.
There’s no need to wait for anything. You’ve a default ROM and all you need to do is download the updates that MIUI provides to you.
MIUI recently released MIUI8 for its devices which gave a new look to the devices.

Now for those of us who don’t like to wait for the new Android features, you’ve an advantage over MIUI- theofficial custom ROM for Redmi2/ Prime which is CyanogenMod13.
Now this ROM is something that every person who likes to try out new Android features on the same device would love to use.

The CM13 was officially rolled out which provides a full look of how Android 6.0 Marshmallow would look on Redmi2/Prime devices.

CyanogenMod is a free maintenance by the community for smart phones and tablet PCs based on Android mobile operating system development (this version Android 6.0.1 based), enhances the open source firmware release. It provides device manufacturers official release firmware features and options not, CyanogenMod is a free and open source software, based on Google official release issued by the development, and added original and third-party code.

Marshmallow 6.0.1_r13
Ambient Display
Floating Windows
Statusbar Customizations
Clock Alignment
Battery Settings
Charging animations
Dotted circle battery settings
Battery colours
Battery bar
Statusbar greeting
Network Traffic
Statusbar Brightness control
Breathing Notifications
Quick Pull down
Smart Pull down
Quick Settings Management
DPI Settings
Live Display
Ambient Display
Smart cover options
Lockscreen weather
Lockscreen colours
Middle and bottom shortcuts
Button Settings
Navigationbar customization
Slim PIE
Gesture Anywhere
Razor Kernel
Navigation ring Targets
Animation Controls
Slim Recents
Omni Switch
Recents RAM Bar
HeadsUP Settings
App circle sidebar
Apps sidebar
many many more….


OpenGapps 6.0 ARM (Nano Recommended):

4. Battery charged above 90%(min).

Before installation make sure you have a nandroid backup.

1. Flash TWRP with fastboot.
2. Put Nightly and Gapps zip files in sdcard.
3. Boot into recovery.

4. Go into Wipe–>Advanced wipe–>Select “data, system, dalvik/art cache, cache” and wipe them by sliding the bar at bottom.

5. Go back and go into Install–> Select the correct ROM zip file. Flash it by sliding the bar at bottom.
6. After ROM flashing is complete, flash GApps by same method.
7. Wipe cache again.
8. Reboot.

Let the phone boot. It doesn’t take so much time to boot.


(Thanks to XDA and MIUI forum)

So this was a sneak peek into the two Operating systems for Redmi 2/Prime.
If you’ve any queries, put in the comment box. 

NOTE: CM14 is believed to be released officially for redmi2/Prime devices. If really, a separate post would be updated.

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